Leonardo DiCaprio Is Aggressively Enjoying Summer

"Of all people on earth at this time, Leonardo DiCaprio is having the most fun. As a grown-up with a Super Soaker, he possesses the joy of an entire summer camp. His happiness is every lemonade stand, his delight is every four-leaf clover, his ecstasy is every ice-cream cone with rainbow sprinkles."

Leo doesn’t even care if you are judging his cargo shorts.

Aw, yay, Leo!


Bread is so fucking good man, I could prob eat an entire bakery in 25 minutes or less 

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Great things happen when you have the courage to be yourself.

Michael Sam, Arthur Ashe honor of Courage Award at the 2014 ESPY awards (via keylimepie21)



There is absolutely nothing else in the world more frustrating than watching two people in love not being together because they are just too stupid to talk 

especially when they’re not even real

Reblogging for the last sentence

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Bloody Knife